The momentum created in the lead up to Paris among public and private entities in mobilizing financial resources for climate action continues to grow. These entities have a key role to play in assisting governments to translate NDCs into investment-ready vehicles as well as to scale up investment in infrastructure that delivers a range of benefits, including ones for addressing climate change in cities and communities. Such a large scale mobilization is necessary: global investments in infrastructure needs to increase from USD 3.4 trillion per year today to USD 6 trillion per year on average during the next 15 years. The incremental up-front investment cost of zero-GHG and climate-resilient infrastructure adds 5% of the total investment needed, but is necessary to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth.



Nypa is eligible for green finance due to the facts that it  is in compliance with the Paris Agreement and the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action with international organizations and institutions recognitions. Green finance is a broad term that can refer to financial  investments  flowing  into sustainable development  projects  and  initiatives, environmental products, and policies that encourage the development of a more sustainable economy.

Green finance includes climate finance but is not limited to it. It also refers to a wider range  of  other environmental objectives,  for  example industrial  pollution control,  water sanitation, or biodiversity protection. Mitigation and adaptation finance is specifically related to climate change related activities: mitigation financial flows refer to investments in projects and programs that contribute to reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) whereas adaptation financial flows refer to investments that contribute to reducing the vulnerability of goods and persons to the effects of climate change.

Patented nypa projects are in advantages to be financed with WIPO offering a list of sources beside the willingness of many financial institutions, sovereign wealth fund and etc to invest in green projects.

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HSBC Commits $100 Billion to Combat Climate Change