Supported by the finding of global major researcher such as NASA, FAO, UNEP, IUCN, USDA, UNIDO, ICSU, THE WORLD BANK, Kyoto University & other top universities and many more,  Nypa Green Sustainable Project is a special unique project as it is the Pioneer on Ecology Economy in the world that can catalyst the need of Sustainable Energy, Healthy Water, Desalination Plantation Land, Mitigation and Forestation,  Ecological Tolerance, Disaster Barrier (such as tsunami & storm), Enhancing Bio Organic Foods Production, Generate Economy (spin off effect to economic growth, creating businesses & income) Human Welfare, Human Health, Overcome Pollution and Increment Of Healthy Yield For River & Lake Fishing Industries:


1.       On Sustainable Energy

Nypa Sap potentially well known could produce green renewable sustainable energy practically, economically and environmental friendly such as Bio-ethanol/Bio-Butanol, various type of Fuel Cell that support electrical power requirement by industrial, office, home, remote village till the modern city  and DMF (Dimethylfuran) that suitable for jet, airplane, rocket and spaceship.

2.       On Healthy Water

As 20% of Nypa Sap will be use to produce green energy & by products while the remaining 80% will be use as Healthy water for human, animals & plants consumption. It solving supply of save water demand from the groundwater resources that facing depletion crisis. If Wild Nypa Palm at Nigeria utilize (504,000 Hectares) as documented by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

*Calculated as follow 3000 trees per hectares X 3 Liter perday X 30 days X 12 months X 540,000 Hectares X 80% (producing healthy water) equal to 1,306,368,000,000 liters (345,105,915,695 US Gallons) and divide by 3.7 liter per day  @ 80.610 - 967.322 millions of human daily per year consumption.

3.       On Desalination Plantation Land

As Sea level rise will effect plantation land near the shore, Nypa Plant is proven reduce salt contain on soil that effected by salt water for example at Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, central coastal of Vietnam, cultivate rice field inside Nypa forest area helps to reduce the salt content in water, so that rice can develop well. This is a great example of great integrated use.

4.       On Mitigation

Breeding and planting Nypa Palm could solve mangrove problem as Nypa palm has been listed red by IUCN as threatened species need to more replanting. Nypa palm plant significantly contribute climate change mitigation of carbon generally involves reductions in human (anthropogenic) emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

5.       On Forestation

Planting Nypa palm and getting its sugar sap to make green renewable energy wouldn't involve forestation or deforestation even on harvesting time for 50 to 100 years.

6.       On Ecological Tolerance

Nypa fruticans is adapted to muddy soils along rivers and estuaries. It forms extensive stands along brackish to tidal freshwater creeks and rivers. It can thrive in entirely freshwater environments as well as brackish conditions, demonstrating its wide ecological tolerance. It may also be found inland as far as the tide can deposit the floating seeds. It is the only palm species that is found in mangrove forest

7.       On Disaster Barrier

Nypa palm has proven good barrier from the danger of tsunami as happen at Kuala Muda Kedah, Malaysia and Global Environment Facility (GEF) has funding to Philippines for the purpose of tsunami fence. Nypa Palm also function as protection against storm - Nypa is also important to the communities in Cross River State as the only tangible protection from storms.

8.       On Enhancing Bio Organic Foods Production

Nypa palm vinegar can be used as natural weed killer to avoid vegetable plant disease and enhancing yield for rice, wheat, corn, tapioca etc including fruits and vegetables.

9.       On Generate Economy

As Nypa Palm by merit is proven to be significant to the global economy trend of today as all the nations in the world are fighting to combating the threat of climate change by using "The Best Sustainable Resources" as long term solution might generate new sources of wealth businesses & income and also create significant spin off effect to economy growth related to energy requisite, currencies exchange, intangible asset, advanced country economy development new appetite to excitatory economy intensification as adding values chain to solve  present global economy slump etc. At present, the Paris Climate Agreement & Marrakesh Action Proclamation promise up to USD 7 Trillion of investment on renewable Energy.

10.   On Human Welfare

Nypa Palm project able to create millions of decent jobs in various level profession. Generate additional house income for farmer & fisher and may well contribute to human welfare and goods.

11.   On Human Health

Nypa palm extraction can reduce sugar content in human blood that able to overcome diabetes problem thus it fruit vinegar is effective to naturalize high cholesterol patient that related to heart disease.

12.   On Pollution

Recent study showed Nypa Palm can resist heavy metal pollution and used as treatment of heavy metal pollution, for example as bio-adsorbents (biological adsorbent).

13.   On Increasing Healthy Yield For River & Lake Fishing Industries

Increment of health and yield specification on fishing industry specifically to organic fish, fresh water prawns and crab as required by FDA.  


We are Nypa fruticans palm technology provider - start from seedling, harvesting, preservation & technical betterment production of nypa sap to finishing products of Green Renewable Energy, Healthy Drinkable Water and other of its by products that ends to marketing & distribution throughout the globe.

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